Balance of Life Combines Great Time Lapses With Compelling Story

One of the greatest challenges when creating art is being able to create something visually stunning while maintaining the integrity to your message. Often, one must suffer for the other to thrive, and blending them both can be a challenge within itself. Jony Karlsson was able to merge those two perfectly, with his beautiful and heartfelt short film entitled Balance of Life.


Balance of Life is centered around the world we live in, with both the destruction we create, and the hope we bring. With no narration, Jony Karlsson is able to fill you with interesting visuals, and motivating messages from the heart. According to the Facebook page, Balance of Life is “a film about life’s and human kinds’ fight to find balance between our own evolving life style and the nature of the planet we inhabit.” It follows with "Balance of Life is a story of the earth we all share. It is a one mans’ and his cameras’ journey in a world filled with complete opposites, balance, imbalance and people travelling the right and wrong paths. Who in the end is to decide what path is the right one? What is the invisible force that guides us and is it taking us on the right path?"


Watch as Balance of Life shows some of the stark horrors we create and some of the most beautiful scenes our planet has to offer.

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Very inspiring and powerful. Wonderfully done! 

I love the individual shots but to be honest, for me it seems as there is no real golden thread between them. Just combining a lot of scenes doesn't make good story telling. For a video with that length you gotta have some concept. Well done shots though.

Beautiful shots, who doesn't love time lapse video shots.....always amazing...