This Batman Movie Was Made With Action Figures

I'm usually not a huge fan of stop motion videos but this 6 minute short by Derek Kwok and Henri Wong is incredible. Every detail of this video from the lighting to the sound is top notch. The design of the action figures and their animations were sometimes so good that they appear to be real. Even if stop motion isn't your thing, this video is worth checking out.

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Adam Cross's picture

watched this earlier, it's so good. the fact that it's their first time doing stop-motion makes it even more incredible, the bane/batman fight was just.. wow

Lee Morris's picture

I've never been an action figure guy either but these are so amazing. I actually want to buy one but they don't seem to be available yet.

José Tomás Tocino's picture

Also they seem to be VERY expensive. The batman figure preorders start at $250... wow.

Jeremy Cupp's picture

That was pretty freaking awesome.

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William Collins's picture

then you're gonna love these.

Bboy Joker


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That was Kickass !!! No words to say...

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