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Behind the Scenes: Star Trek Into Darkness

The follow-up to 2009's re-imagined (alternate universe) Star Trek film is probably one of the biggest blockbuster sequels of the 2013 film year. Follow J. J. Abrams as he directs the crew of the USS Enterprise as they fight off a new threat, John Harrison played by Star Trek newcomer, Benedict Cumberbatch. From the looks of the two B-roll videos and behind the scenes footage Star Trek: Into Darkness looks like an instant hit. 

I love closely watching behind the scenes footage and picking up what cameras and lighting were used to film a scene. If you look closely at some of the footage you see that several cameras were used including a RED Epic and IMAX camera. Also there is a point in the footage that we see J.J. Abrams himself holding a flashlight horizontally across the camera to achieve the lens flare look that is a signature style of his.



















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What incredible gear they have to use. I cant wait to see it. You see that are shooting on Film right! Just incredible!

I love how he uses that Giant Flashlight spotlight to flare the huge anamorphic lens through the matte box

Yeah, in his 2009 flick, I don't think there was a single scene without a flare!

The Clapperboard says RED EPIC (digital), but it also looks like there's a film mag on the camera in the photos - so maybe it's mixed depending on what scene etc. Weird.


Yeah there's a couple things going on, I saw an Imax logo and Panavision logo too... maybe the Epic is reserved for steadicam shots and tight space and the Imax for the more impactful scenes (a la Christopher Nolan style (Dark Knight and DK Rises)), then the Panavision for everything else?

They were definitely using a Panavision 35mm camera for some of the steadicam work, too. Another guess is that they're using Epic for VFX shots? Different tools for different jobs, and it's cool to see them all being used on the same set.

They are shooting on IMAX RED and Film. Different cameras for different scenes.

Corey there is no IMAX RED - Imax is a 65mm System (Blown up to 70mm in projection) Red Epic is a 5K Digital System, and the 35mm Cine cameras are Panavision Millenniums + a Millennium XL (Light Weight) for SteadiCam

I've been a camera assistant over 6 years in IATSE, and worked on quite a few high-budget "hollywood" films in Vancouver.

The red tape on the Mag means 500T Stock film.
The flashlight is also used in con-junction with a Blue Streak Filter, which is supposed to emulate the Anamorphic flare look that those lenses produce - when using say the RED. Otherwise the Anamorphic's will flare long naturally on the film cameras.

Red I can see them using in a High Speed setting (300fps) but don't know why else, A + B Camera are the 35mm Millenniums.

I think Corey just forget to put comma. "They are shooting on IMAX, RED and Film" ;)

Domagoj is right typing on a iPhone some times leads to simple mistakes in punctuation.

Ah man, I love this kind of stuff. One day I'll get to work on a Hollywood set. For now, I'll keep with the TVC sets.

so i hope I am not if its offtopic, but any discussion about silent boxes for cameras?
anyone does photography on movie sets? what boxes you use... any great gear?

Called "Blimps" - and they're usually around $800-1200 in Canada.

Movie set still photographers typically use a sound blimp. The dominant one in the industry is made by Jacobson. Google "Jacobson sound blimp" and you'll get a ton of info. Recently, Aquatech has introduced a model of its own that offers greater access to camera controls. Both are very expensive, and it's not unusual for some photographers working in smaller markets to build their own, usually using a Pelican case as a starting point.

looks so cool! must see!

What's the job of the guy in the foreground at 0:16 on the second video ?

Focus ?

That's the 1st AC, (AKA focus puller), focusing the steadicam camera with a remote follow focus attachment.

Thanks. And what's the name of his device ?

I'm not sure which model unit he's using. Most of the ACs I know refer to them as a follow focus remote. Redrock Micro makes one, and I'm sure there are many others.


One of the best best I've seen. Best feature, vibrates the knob when your focused.

looks like hes using a preston

these american actors all look the same nowadays... same hair, same attitude( that is: none) same boring pc. Whats going wrong there?

Nothing wrong here ...foreigner. Go troll elsewhere douche.

You mean New Zealander Karl Urban? Or Perhaps English Simon Pegg or Benedict Cumberbatch or Eve Alice? Or Even Noel Clarke? Or the Russian Anton Yelchin? Hmm or the Canadian Bruce Greenwood?