Ben Von Wong's Epic Hair in Slow Motion

Von Wong is at it again in this super slow motion (700fps) video that has adds a certain 'epic' quality to a funny story about -- you guessed it -- his hair. Featured is a quick BTSV talking about the gear he used, but we have the full slow-mo tilt-shift video.

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Von Wong's picture

Typo in the name mate :) 
please link back to the blog if possible!

Adam's picture

Sorry, man. That's awful. I must have typed your name a hundred times. Don't know what happened here. In any case, it's fixed now. And your name is actually already linked to the blog. Cool work!

Von Wong's picture

haha all good but the permalink is still screwed :P 

THanks for the repost! 

You're crazy!!

Really cool video.

Jacques's picture

Why is it flickering so much in slow-motion?  Is it due to not having enough frames?

James's picture

Nonsense self indulgent content 

Nonsense self indulgent comment.

Boundless creativity - and I like his sense of fun. Would be a great guy to work with I think.