Brilliant Time-Lapse Video On Retouching A Rolex Watch

Retouching jewelry is an extremely time intensive task, especially when it is done correctly. It can involved hours of work to fix the most minute details. When it's done right, it looks effortless and this time-lapse video is no exception. The balance of artistry and technicality makes the final image what it is. 

Andreas Jörg is a photographer based out of Germany who created this video. He shot and retouched this from start to finish. The shoot took 1.5 hours and it was retouched in 2 hours. This video shows a sped up version of the process. The amazing part is that the before image looks beautiful as it is, showcasing how great Andreas is with lighting and capturing the base image. It goes to show there is still no shortcut for taking a great shot. Next, the retouching part showcases the areas that are typically addressed to polish the image to get to the final piece.

Check out the before and after images below.





[Via Retouching Academy]

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What a lot of neysayers don't get is that the eye has remarkable ability to adjust. The camera and printed image are primitive by comparison. In the original the push buttons are gray, not silver and the bezel is also not of true color. This level of effort is required to get all the areas to not look incredible, but to look as our eyes see them

Most boring, video should be called: this is how much Photoshop you have to make when you are a bad photographer. jajajajajajaja