BTS On An All CG Scene From The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man has been out for about 2 weeks and has made 137 million dollars. I saw it last week and was really impressed by the special effects but I've never had a full understanding of what really goes into it. In this video Jerome Chen from Sony Imageworks takes us through the basics of creating an all CG fight scene. Check out the full post for 3 additional videos.

If you liked that video you will probably enjoy these other videos which focus on different scenes from the movie.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Sewer battle making-of from PIXELCREATION on Vimeo.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Lizard design from PIXELCREATION on Vimeo.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Iconic poses making-of from PIXELCREATION on Vimeo.

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Nicholas's picture

Incredible detail and work.

That's amazing. We are very close to that point where we won't know what's real or digital. I can tell the characters are CG but the background scenes looked real. I wouldn't have guessed it was CG.

★✰★P.S. 32★✰★'s picture


Ah 00:57 is says that the camera which taken the pictures was a nikon D3S ?

Denis Ryan's picture

Thanks for sharing these! I loved the movie, and seeing the BTS stuff always adds to my enjoyment and appreciation of the finished product. Kind of like knowing why we get rainbows, it doesn't destroy the magic, but enhances the awe.