A BTS Look At The Making Of A Modern Wedding Video

Visual Masterpiece is back with another BTSV of their latest wedding video and once again, it's top notch. Not only are these guys amazingly good videographers, but they also know how to make an informative video. It appears that the most used piece of gear was the Cinevate Atlas 10. I own and love the Atlas 10 but since I like traveling light, I prefer the new Atlas FLT.

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Amazing work, GlideCam steals the show for me, so fluid.

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Great work flow, this team did a great job. It looks like it ran the client about $9,000.

Very nice work indeed, a question do Visual Masterpiece just shoot video or is a combo both video and stills at this wedding ?

At this event we only shot Cinema, I would say at least 65% of events we shoot are both Cinema+Photo

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nice! If I had to get remarried I'll get these guys! :D

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Wedding video always scares me because the amount of production required to make it look this good is rather daunting.  Not only do you need at least 3 shooters and lots of gear but you need those shooters to be really really good.  This stuff always really impresses me.  Good work!

Yeah, that's true!  Its kinda insane.

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grood work here.. my only question is how they get away with all the glidecam stuff without getting in the still photographers way-- specifically the glidecam shots when the bride is walking down the isle, and circling the couple on the glidecam during the first dance?  i do wedding videos too, but never pull out my glidecam for them because i know the still photogs would kill me if i pulled moves like that.  i also try to be a little more in the background.  it doesn't turn out quite as cinematic as this, but i don't get in any ones way.. plus i work solo.  great stuff here though, and i like the explanation of equipment- i might have to pick up one of those brand of sliders.

If we were working solo (which we have) we would have to choose what style we were going after, either all cinematography or all documentary.  If the answer was all documentary we would shoot very similar to you, out of the way probably locked down on tripods.  However going for cinematography we insist on getting the shot, that means we coordinate with the photographers and share the show.  This can be great or awful depending on the mood of the photographer.  When we can work as a team the day goes by great.  And no doubt we get into each others shots from time to time, but that's part of the game.

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Amazing team work, great stuff, more more plz !

On the way :D  
We have workshops Aug. 25th & 26th for anyone who wants to learn the craft as well as business end of event cinema. 

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Excellent stuff, I really enjoy the Visual Masterpiece videos. Top notch work! I can't imagine how crazy it would be shooting wedding videos, must be so hectic.

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Very inspiring, thanks for posting this! I will echo everyone else here when I think it's just amazing what people like Stillmotion and Visual Masterpiece are doing to make these next level cinematic wedding videos. I'm a wedding photographer myself and have only done video at one wedding so far (solo), you would definitely need a team of people in order to get all of these angles with DSLRs. I currently run a camcorder (XF100) + 5Dm2 so I can only worry about one focus ring and let the camcorder get the safe shots always in focus. I hope the photographers there got the shots they needed or if the couple really valued the video over all else.

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Amazing stuff - I want all their toys! Excellent work and great BTS video...

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Thanks for the great comments, we're glad you enjoyed the commentary.  We have more BTS commentaries on the way.  Thanks to FStoppers for the post, we love this site!


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Are you always wide open w/ FF and the 1.2/1.4 lenses.  Wondering how much can be done w/ APS-C crop cameras...

No certainly not, being wide open all the time would create a DOF headache, however we certainly take advantage of it when wanted and needed in low light situations.

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love your work. How did you get the ring shot? I am been trying it forever but never got it right?

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