BTS Of Nike Chosen Campaign: Extreme Sports At Night

I just ran across an incredible ad by Nike called "Nike Chosen." The concept was to grab the best surfers, snowboarders, skaters, motocross, and BMX riders and film them doing their thing at night. The BTS footage is not as informative as I would like but if you pay attention to the details, there is a lot to be learned. The lighting, especially for the surfing session, is really amazing and although you may not ever do a shoot of this size, the same techniques could be used for your still photography at night.

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great stuff , reminds me off a night surfing event that takes place in Newquay England every year . great find ! 

Jason van der Merwe's picture

Intense! Very ambitious, but executed excellently. 

Sick, just sick

Patrick Hall's picture

Just saw this commercial on TV

Elias Markkula's picture

What kind of smoke are they using?