[BTS Video] Corey Rich Goes Behind The Scenes Of His Nikon D4 WHY Promo Video

Corey Rich was one of the first photographers to demo the new Nikon D4. His extreme athlete documentary "WHY" was one of the best product launch videos I've seen yet. Luckily for all of us, Nikon asked Corey to produce a behind the scenes video on how he and his crew filmed the various athletes for the short film. Watching this BTS video was one of the most inspiring videos I've seen in a good while. Not only am I pumped to have the new camera in my own hands but Corey does a great job explaining exactly why photographers and videographers enjoy being creative day in and day out.

So my challenge to you fellow Fstoppers is to take the new features these cameras offer and push yourself to limits you've never aspired to test. I guarantee you will be amazed by what you find on the other side!

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Anders Cheong's picture

Amazing BTS !

Dave Dugdale's picture

Wow, that was one of the best BTS videos ever.

Bill Crawford's picture

anyone know the name of the lightweight jib arm they used?

Daniel Amezcua's picture

So good. I think the video "WHY" was hands down the best video for selling the new camera in the D800 vs D4 vs 5Diii categories. I liked the Mario & Nette video with the 5D but I never felt it pushing any limits. So, good job to Corey Rich and the team on the vid!

Gary Collins's picture

Makes me wanna pack up my job and go do this for a living.. Great BTS

Danylö Böbyk's picture

gotta admit this is an awesome BTS video - one of the best! makes me sad that Canon might be softening on the video side compared to Nikon  WHY?!? (I shoot Canon now btw) i guess time will tell once we get our hand on the D800/D4 & 5DmkIII/1Dx ; )