[BTS Video] McLaren MP4-12c - Dallas Street Shoot

Most car guys would be happy just to see a McLaren Mp4-12c in the flesh. Getting to hang out with one for a day, while also being paid to take photos of it, would be "dream job" material. Clearly Dallas based photographer Brian Braun is living the dream! In this b.t.s. video we see Brian and his team capture the 592 brake horse power beauty with the city of Dallas serving as it's backdrop.

Via: iso1200.com

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Brian Braun's picture

It's an honor to be on here!  This is one of my favorite blogs and I literally learned lighting from bts video like you feature online!  Thanks for everything



Like it a lot! Cars are what I do the most of and it definitely is a mix of passions. Great video!


Brian Braun's picture

 thanks man!

awesome peek into the dream. lol  amazing work braun

Brian Braun's picture

 Thanks man!  Keep hustling. Keep moving forward.  You're gonna do big things for sure

Very cool shoot and great images!  Thanks for sharing.

Brian Braun's picture

 Thank you Andy!

Very cool Brian. Great job!

Brian Braun's picture

 Thanks Mom

Jens Marklund's picture

There's so much post work in these kinds of shoots today, that I really don't care about BTS for the shoot. Sorry.

Jeremi Blurton's picture

Nice shots and thanks for the BTS! Man that car is beautiful.

Brian Braun's picture

 Thank you Jeremi!

ben smithson's picture

Nice work. It's too bad they couldn't have shot this on the spankin' new Margaret Hunt Hill bridge in Dallas. It has super nice lines, but maybe not as impressive of a downtown backdrop.

Johny Cook's picture

Great shots! Such a rad scene.  It all pays off :)

Victor Bridgeman's picture

just an FYI people love looking at pictures on here but what people get on this site for is to learn about your process and why you set things up the way you did or what was the concept before attempting or setting up the shoot. Nice pics, but there was no point to the rest of the video