BTS Of Vincent Laforet's New Video "Epic #308"

Vincent Laforet recently released a new short titled "Epic #308" because this was the first test footage taken with his new Red Epic camera with the serial number of 308. The footage was shot in California, from Big Sur, to Ft Bragg back through Mono Lake and Death Valley. Head over to Vincent's blog for the full gear list.

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Pooria Koleyni's picture

With all these technologies and show off what is the end result ? Very simple slow motion camera moves and then nothing ? Some of these BTS videos looks like they are more about marketing and advertising of the gears and products nothing more.

If anything I think this video was a testament to the HDR-X feature on the Red Epic. Pretty basic stuff as far as the overall video though.
I'll be interested to see how he did the scene with the car though, that looks really cool.

Vincent is a good photographer but his video work never showed much. So many dslr shooters and red shooters out there are simply way off the mark of pro quality films. I watch all these movies like Bourne, and Bond, and Inception, and you see the quality of footage, camera angles, and post production. Then I see all these dslr guys with the same TYPE of equipment but the overall final product is WAY off the mark.  Its not an equipment issue either. Shane Hulbert is an EXCELLENT director of photography and his work on big budget films such as Terminator Salvation prove it. He shoots a 5dmk2 and is work is spot on with what he does with bigger more expensive cameras.

I just never got into Vincent's video work. Love the Hasselblad though. He should have used the 200 mega pixel version though. I'm sure with his status they would have loaned him one.

Pooria Koleyni's picture

You know what sometimes when i look at these kind of videos, i feel there is a baby who is saying hey look at me see how many toys i have.

mark salmon's picture

I found the video stunning and the detail from the cameras was amazing. Is there anything wrong with it being simple?

Pooria Koleyni's picture

It has no concept, technically is is perfect
I’ve been thinking lately that we could all use a bit more vision and probably a bit less gear(from