Cadillac ATS Behind The Scenes: Morocco's Most Dangerous Road

Some of the most interesting and exciting video footage often comes out of car commercials. The current ad for Cadillac's new 2013 ATS features some pretty awesome footage of the luxury sports sedan speeding down the winding roads of Morocco's Atlas Mountain. This stretch of road overlooking the Dades Gorge is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. So when director Jeff Zwart decided to test the ATS's Brembo brakes and limited-slip differential, he not only put the drivers in danger but also put a ton of camera gear in harms way. Full behind the scenes video in the full post below. Of course a lot of this footage was shot on Canon DSLRs including the EOS C300 Cinema Camcorder.

Behind The Scenes Of Cadillac ATS Vs Morocco Atlas Mountains

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Wow, I really want one of those! Oh yeah, and the car was nice too.

Patrick, did you perhaps mean "Morocco"?

Patrick Hall's picture

Ah, two out of three ain't bad right?

It may have power and performance but the exterior of car + badge is still a joke aesthetically

As a gearhead, Cadillac is not making points with its customers when they do dumb commercials without showing how good it is against its competition. Look at the commercial they shot in China (link below) at the :23 mark he's only going 35 mph! Granted, the footage is cool, and that's what it's on this site for, but it has a poor message. And yes, it is a VERY ugly car.

Cadillac is never going to crack the discerning 1st world market outside of the USA with the current look and badge. It is a landlocked aesthetic for old men that does not travel well. The old guard at GM has to go and let the fresh thinking Americans not breast fed in Detroit do the the design work.