Crappy Green Screen Footage? Fix It Like This!

I have been learning a ton of video know how in the past few months from watching the tutorials over at VideoMaker. I recently shot a green screen video for some background compositing and didn't take as much time as I should have setting up the lights for the green screen (the subjects on the other hand were flawlessly lit, haha). I thought I was out of luck until I came across this video which showed me how to fix my beginner's mistake and also has a few more handy tips for other green screen screw ups. Enjoy!

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Is there a way of doing this in Final Cut Pro X?


I have experienced the difficulty in correct Chroma Keying.  The tips in this video will certainly help me in the future.

"and I'll show you how to fix the edges in the next segment........."
ok, colour me curious, the next segment would be where?