Dave Dugdale: How To Do Your Own Green Screen

Dave Dugdale has been an Fstoppers reader for a while now but I had not come across his own useful site Learning DSLR Video until yesterday. He left a comment on one of our videos and I clicked on his site to check it out (yes we actually check out our reader's sites). When I saw one of his videos I immediately emailed him and asked if he would teach me how to colorkey footage in Premiere. Now Dave is not a photographer at all but rather an audio engineer, and what is so cool about his videos are that they document his progression into the field of videography. As a professional photographer myself, I feel like I'm in the same boat as Dave and I'm sure a lot of you guys feel that way too. Dave is filming on a Canon T2i and editing on Premiere CS5. If you are just getting into audio or video, stop by LearningDSLRVideo.com and check out some of his work. Hopefully you can use this information for your own BTS videos; I know we are going to do this soon on one of our FS Originals in the near future.

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Oh, and I talked to Dave this afternoon and this video was posted like 6 hours later...I feel completely inefficient; I could never have a turn around that fast ha

That is cool. I have had PPro CS5 since January 2010. I used Ultra in CS3 on DV footage for years. But never got it to work with HDV. When I got CS5 I was disappointed that there was no Ultra. And here it has been hiding in plain site in PPro all that time. And much easier to use than the standalone CS3 versions.

You learn something every day. So where is On Location hiding?

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Great post! And MAN thats some white teeth in the end! :D

Wow I haven't had to do any video keying in a few years, but I remember premiere being quite awful with it, forcing me to do everything in After Effects. It's nice to see that Premiere's keyer is awesome now!

Thanks for making this Dave. I had no clue how to do that but I am going to try now for sure.

@Lee you're welcome! And thank you for the opportunity to do a video for your site. You guys share so much great stuff, it feels good to share back.

Dave Dugdale

Awesome video! Time to start playing with it.

Great video! Thank you very much for sharing this!

Gives good ideas for photography even. I actually love the way you did your "Soft box" ;) never though of using a bugscreen frame! Great idea.

Do you know if final cut pro is able to do this as well?

Great video. Thanks!

Great video. Informative, crisp & neatly presented.

What a nice chap!