David Hobby Now Shoots With A 2MP Buzz Lightyear Camera

For the past few years DigitalRev has done the "Cheap Camera Challenge" with a professional photographer and a crappy little toy camera. This year's challenge consisted of Strobist's David Hobby, a 2MP Buzz Lightyear toy camera and 3 of the best named speedlights of all time, the Family Jewels FUQ 690. Kai of DigitalRev gives Hobby 5 photo tasks in 5 different locations and Hobby handles it pretty dang well considering the slight limitations. Enjoy!

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On what planet is a Lamborghini called an Audi Quattro? lol

Kai is making fun of Lamborghini because it's currently own by Audi so it's kinda a like Audi!

Hobby rocks. Pardon my language but I would have been standing around with my dick in my hands trying to figure out just how to get the friggin' flash to slave. I don't go anywhere without my Pocketwizards! without a hotshoe, i'm as useless as tits on a bull.