Gary Land Cranks His Lighting To Eleven

Have you ever been walking through the mall or flipping through a magazine and found yourself breaking down the lighting of all the advertising images you see (or at least trying to)? I seem to be doing that all the time, sometimes without even realizing that I am doing it. Well one photog's images in particular always leave me guessing. No doubt you have all seen a Gary Land campaign at one point or another, and I guarantee none of us are able to guess his lighting down to the number of lights and which modifiers he used. Gary has shot iconic campaigns for clients such as Nike, Adidas, and Coca Cola. Profoto has met up with Gary and had him explain the lighting of an image he produced for his Climcool ads. In my opinion, Gary's style is the kind of work that you either love or loathe, but no matter how you feel about the style, the dude definitely knows how to use light. Enjoy!

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Love his lighting work, especially here! Then again, I'm a fan of using multiple lights like this anyways =)

- Joe |

i'd like to see the raw files... :)

this is fantastic!

This guy is obviously very talented.
But I would also love to see the Raw files just to see how it looked before any post was done on it.