Gopro's Make Me Want To Get Extreme!

The newest promo video for the incredible GoPro HD camera has me wanting to get out of the house and do something exciting! We are big supports of what Gopro is doing and can't speak highly enough of these little cameras. If you enjoy adding a unique perspective to your own videos or want a small time lapse camera, you can't go wrong with these...well unless you destroy them :)

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Amazing shot at 5:21

Its amazing how good the quality is from such a versatile and inexpensive camera. I really want one! I don't at all need one, but I really want one!

Wow. That is stink'n awesome. I wish I had one to shoot a day in the life of a baby from their perspective. Just because I think it would be interesting. Awesome find F-Stoppers.

Martin Jensen's picture

I say as IPBrian said: "I really want one! I don’t at all need one, but I really want one!" Oh yeah

Flippen awesome!

Take note: This is the way to make people want to buy things. This is a versatile, quality camera especially for the price, and this video makes me think it is fairly durable.

Patrick Hall's picture

Lee and I both bought one and we love them. It's nice to pack in your luggage or take on a trip and document all sorts of things even if you aren't into making full blown videos yet. I film in 720 60 fps all the time so I can always create smooth slow motion video of my travels. Christmas is right around the corner :)

Take note: epic, high-def, slow-motion, christmas footage, right around the corner!