Gorgeous Supercell Storm Footage!

Photographer Mike Olbinski has been visiting the Central Plains to shoot it's storms since 2010, and last week he encountered a supercell straight out of an apocalyptic thriller. The views in this timelapse are breathtaking! It's incredible to watch this massive storm tear through the fields near Booker, TX. There really isn't much more that I can say, just watch the video. Well done Mike! Amazing footage

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Man that's awesome!

Thanks so much guys for sharing this! Was a huge moment for me personally, glad people have enjoyed it as well!

really incredible footage Mike! Kudos!

Thanks so much Corey!

Really nice shots man. You're brave, I don't know if I would've stayed so close to that storm for that long!

Haha...it's a bit nerve wracking sometimes...this was actually a lot closer than it looked. Also when we headed south the tornado sirens were going off in Booker, so that was a bit weird!

Brilliantly beautiful.

Impeccably timeless

WOw Mike. You made it look so simple yet beautiful.

Thank you Patryk...looks simple, but I was just happy that the 15 things I had to do in the span of 60 seconds to set it up and get it running all went correctly haha.

yo mike , how long was the interval for the timelapse and shutter speed for this storm if you dont mind sharing.

I don't...the first three clips were shot every second...around 880 total shots over the course of 24 minutes with a break in there to drive south a few miles. The final clip was a bunch of 5 second exposures.

Thanks Mike ! Keep up the awesome work you doing !

I seriously had goosebumps the whole time I watched this. Incredible and inspiring for this photographer.