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HDR Timelapse Video Explained In Detail

A few months ago, Patryk Kizny with Dito Gear shared a really amazing video called The Chapel with Fstoppers. I was absolutely blown away by the footage but I knew our readers would want to know exactly how he created it. So I was able to persuade Patryk to create a second video that outlined exactly what he did to create the original HDR timelapse images featured in The Chapel. With just a few Canon DSLRs, a magic arm, and a Dito Omni Slider, Patryk created a really unique looking video made from HDR stills. If you have any additional questions about the making of this video, leave them in the comment section and I'm sure Patryk will be happy to answer them.

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chaoscollapse's picture

The place and idea is rather good, but HDR makes it look like some kind of a video game. Same thing without all the photomatix HDR "magic" would look better.

tompaj's picture

Same here, the HDR gives this 3D rendered effect, it seems to be missing some darker tones. Nice work anyhow

Janne's picture

I think that this was a showcase and also an extended test for HDR timelapse movie making, but I'd also like to see the "normal" version of the movie.

What bummed me out a bit was that given the time and effort of doing this project there was a tripod in one of the shots. That's nitpicking, but still.

Nice work anyways.

Edward's picture

That was one of the top 10 BTS videos I've ever watched. (The other few being Fstopper originals, of course ;)

Does anyone know what links he mentioned at the end of the BTS?

Keith Hammond's picture

@ Edward : was one mentioned

Gneel's picture

I don't know if I'm ready for the HDR look. Would of loved to see the movie made with only pictures taken from the camera, not complied together. Either way, it was a great effort and amazing composition. Amazing work! I need to get me some nicer equipment.

Ronfa's picture

i guess it would have been better without the hdr effect.
it's lacking of some tones and as always when exagerated looks fake like a video game..
actually i'm not a big fan of HDR at all.

Dafydd Owen's picture

Lovely BTS - explains various aspects inc post.

Donnie Bell Design's picture

Gotta give him credit for envisioning those shots and utilizing the slider to pull them off.

jpleroux's picture

The HDR effect is destroying these beautiful images.
Personally, I think HDR should be used fill missing information. Not to remove all contrast in an image.
I’m working in Cg lighting for ten years now and this is exactly the look we don’t want to achieve.

Jan's picture

Patryk - really nice BTS. I think the location selection was phenomenal. The old, crumbling building with the beams of light, oh, pure bliss to watch. As most mentioned above, the HDR gives it a true "game like" look. Still, very nice idea.

Gian Marc's picture

Incredible camera work and I'm sure a lot of work! But again, the HDR destroys it all. It looks like a computer animation and takes all the charm and mystic out of the chapel. Hope to see the movie without HDR one time. Very cool making-of though!

Jon Dishler's picture

I notice the link takes you to his store. The sliders seem interesting, has anyone here in the US bought one from him where they are manufactured in Poland, I would be concerned about warranty repairs on an electronic/automated slider from there.

I kind of like the HDR, but maybe not the entire movie.

jt's picture

Clearly talented film maker and a great location. Such a shame about the HDR, its killed the project, this could have been great.

Zoeboy's picture

Where can I find the tutorials he mentioned in the bts-video? "" doesn´t work?

medwayboy's picture

This is truly stunning and brings a whole new concept to video... Having worked with HDR I can appreciate the work that went into this and can only thank you for making something this footage.. The music finishes it off beautifully...
If you ever need someone to carry you cameras I'll be there :-)

Thank you

Albert's picture

I echo others' sentiments on the tone mapping. In the Creative's defense however, it ain't nearly as bad as others' attempts at it (tone mapping, not hdr). I personally thought the raw footage was 80% there already, and all that was needed to fill the remaining 20% was a bit tweaking in post.

Still, a very nicely pulled off project. I liked the soundtrack as well.


Patryk M's picture


Just amazing. You have inspired me to do this type of project for
my self. Can you please sent me a link to the time lapse video or tutorial. Thank You!

Enjay's picture

What an amazing video and one of the most exiting locations I ever saw. Where is that?
Great work - stunning!!!!

Best regards