The Home-Made 3D Matrix Effect

We have all seen stuff like this done before but it's usually some sort of huge production team. All of my friends seem to own at least 2 cameras each so I could easily pull this off if I could get 12 of them together :).

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I want to try it... so cool!

Very cool, but "HOW" was it done???

Now all I have to do is buy 10 more SLR's and I can do this :)

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Very cool.

Love it. I attempted this with disposable cameras in high school. Now I've got Borrow Lenses to try this again someday.

how they can fired altogheter?

@Leo, I think that they are all taking video, and that is slowed and stitched together

@Leo, oh nevermind. I read how they did it in the vimeo comments.

we used video frames not photos

Just having that many light stands would make me poor. :(

That'd be fun to try. If you had proper colour profiling, you could probably even get away with totally different brands/models of cameras too.

only i min long !!!!!! could have been some more info bts etc

wow thats really cool!

All I need is 9 more photographer friends. And the knowhow to do it. BTS or tutorial please?

The BACKSTAGE video:

Very good. The camera are not all at the same height, tripods isn't a good idea, pheraps an iron girder was better.