How to Capture a 360º Image with a High-speed Camera

YouTuber Mark Rober, the guy who brought us a creative DIY Rotational Filming techique using a GoPro, has taken it 10 steps further with the help of a NASA engineer. Obviously we won't see photographers building rigs like this in their studios but it's a damn nifty idea. Check out the video in the full post to see their, more entertaining, failed efforts with Dustin from Smarter Every Day.

BULLET TIME FAIL (Slowmo) - Smarter Every Day 101

“How to use ONE camera to capture the 360 effect like in the Matrix. I've been working on this project for over 6 months. Special thanks to Ken for don't most of the heavy lifting on the rig we designed.”-Mark Rober-
via [Gizmodo]

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Talk abt creativity, you guys are awesome!