How Do All the Faces of "Grimm" Come to Life?

If you've watched the TV series "Grimm," you may be curious how the mythological creatures from Grimm's fairy tales make it onto screen. Bent Image Lab, the production company behind the cg creations of the show, explains their process of transforming characters into creatures and adding a fantastical element to each episode.

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Yay fellow Portlanders!

the effects are great but the series itself is tepid and lazy and too much in line with literal takes on fairytales for my tastes ( but maybe not the American Idol viewing public). I only watched the first few episodes so maybe it gets better but I'm doubtful.

I mean would red riding hood(ie) REALLY live in a cottage in the woods? It could have been really clever.. but alas...

I hate that type of overlay composting.