How To Film A Skate Movie - Red Bull Perspective

Ever wonder how Red Bull or any other company films their skate videos? How they get those awesome flying shots, rolling shots, and what goes into every aspect of the films? In this video, Red Bull takes you behind the scenes in their new skate video. To say the least, it's pretty amazing.

This film was made to take you into the normal day of a pro skater. The film crew flew to each one of the skaters home towns and shot in their favorite locations along with getting the whole group together and finding some of the coolest locations. From 100 year old warehouses to empty water parks.

The whole thing was shot on red epic cameras as well as the phantom high speed camera.

The whole behind the scenes film as well as the actual film are both incredible as well as inspiring. Make sure to take a look at the final product here.

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josh legault's picture

thanks for posting this! i saw it this morning, and sent you guys an email to post it :) such a good vid.

Jeroen Rommelaars's picture

If only I could afford equipment like that... *starts daydreaming* :)

Surrey Weddings's picture

great vid..

BDWT's picture

It's nice to see skateboarding shot with something other than a Fisheye and a Sony VX1000 for a change. I like Redbull's videos, they put so much effort into shooting them cinematically and it still captures the sport in a way that die hard enthusiasts and everyday people alike can enjoy it on a similar level.

Jason Kessenich's picture

Skateboarding isn't my thing, but I can appreciate their dedication to the sport, the skill, and of course, these visuals, Damn... I love this.