[Humor] Instagram Uses Facebook’s 1 Billion Dollars To Make An Instant Camera

It’s Friday, have a laugh. The crew over at The Verge put together this video of a (fake) camera that resembles a Polaroid by instantly producing a printed image out of it’s body. This model, made by Instagram, lets you add you own effects for an even more unique look at your images! I can't wait to buy one of these and start shooting professional looking wedding photos!

Here is a link to the complete podcast segments from the show.

[via filmmakerIQ.com]

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I ordered two, they were only $4500 each !

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lol that's all I got, lol

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people would still buy it if it came out this summer...

Because well... it's a brand... bitches love brands. 

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As a camera collector I would certainly buy it. It's a bar camera, or a party camera and not necessarily for wedding photo's or for professional means. It's a toy. A unique toy. The production companies need to jump on this "instantly."

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