Insane Video Showing Storm Chasers Get Caught In a Tornado

A number of deadly tornadoes touched down around Union City, Oklahoma on Friday afternoon, killing at least 5 people. Storm chasers Brandon Sullivan and Brett Wright were hoping to get as close as possible to the tornadoes to shoot videos of it, but when they realized that the tornadoes are coming right at them, it was (almost) too late to run away. The mounted video cameras in the car caught this crazy video of their attempt to save their lives while the city collapses around them. INSANE.

Remember: safety first. Being crazy is great for photography, but make sure you get to live to tell about it. No photo or video is worth dying for.

The scary part starts 1 minute into the video.

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"40 is not enough!" Man, not so tough now aren't ya? Idiot.

your a tool for even saying that! I was there and those storm were not a joke!

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First, it's YOU'RE, as in YOU ARE. Your = posession.

Second, you're a tool for endangering your life and others, including those who have to save you. If you're going to do something damaging, make sure to keep it to yourself.

How do you think the National Weather Service gets information to warn the public? Do you really think they just sit up in a cubical and look at weather models and just throw warnings up whenever?

At least get your facts straight before you start making those comments. Chasers are usually the first responders when tragedy hits and the first ones to request immediate assistance from local officials. Chasers very rarely are the ones needing to be saved and this was NOT a normal weather day! Chasers are out there helping to save lives by calling into the weather center and stopping to render aid to victims. That is not something a decent human being would be bashing.

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I guess I was simply generalizing, and I apologize for that. Often times, I see these nutjobs who chase these things without proper equipment and training, and all they do is end up hurting themselves and costing others.

If you happen to be a first responder who chases, hats off to you :)

Every guy in these videos has the highest, geekiest voice. Why can't they just shut up and let us listen to the storm? He mounted that external mic with windscreen just so we could hear him scream like a little girl?

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I don't know.. if I was facing down a storm like that, I probably wouldn't be sitting there peacefully..

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Hahaha the guys in the front seats are hilarious :-D One screaming like mad and the other just staring at the road, mesmerized.
Sorry, I'm sure I would have freaked out as well, but what good is it for if not to laugh about it afterwards? :-)

I liked the fact that he was thinking of putting his seatbelt on in the last minute :P

LOL. Love the driver. He acts like he's listening to elevator music through earphones. His focus on the road conveys little sense of urgency. The spaz in the passenger seat is another matter. Doesn't he know he's being recorded? I kept waiting for the driver to pull over and push him out the door.

Most important survival skill in any situation -
Don't panic.

It would be nice to have different articles to read between Petapixel and Fstoppers..

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Just read it here :)

but one must expand his knowledge by all means possible :]

That guy has no facial expressions whatsoever, almost looks fake/staged because of it, haha. Side-note why not just set up cameras where you predict the storm to go and get the hell out sooner? Id rather risk my gear for great footage than risk my life as-well...

i bet he dreams of being in a reality show.

Why is this guy screaming like a little girl? Has he never done this before?

There is an old pilot's saying that goes "you start off with an empty bag of skill and a full bag of luck. The trick is to fill up the bag of skill before you empty your bag of luck". I think these (relative) novices just found out their bag of luck was not as deep as they thought it was!

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That's entertainment!

Man we just keep getting hit. My friend lost literally everything She just had a kid and a week later the 5/20 hits and takes her house and cars. They took what they could salvage and put it in a storage unit, then ANOTHER tornado takes out the storage unit!! She just can't get a break! To top it off her insurance is trying to get out of paying what is due!

I actually am a storm chaser and I cannot believe how ignorant all of you people are when it comes to this situation. You are welcome for the early warnings given to you by spotters in the field, who are risking their life to give people more time to get to safety. Be educated at least before joking about this because three other chasers actually died in that storm and this team got extremely lucky!

just curious just how do you predict the storm to go chase in the first place?