Kessler Reveals New Automatic Panning Add-On For Sliders: The Parallax

Known for their industry leading camera sliders and portable jibs, Kessler continues to innovate by creating useful products for filmmakers. Their latest creation is called the Parallax, and in this video, Eric Kessler demonstrates how it works to create a motor-less, controlled panning action on your existing slider. This can make a move where during your camera's horizontal move, the head pans to stay with its subject.

Having tried several times in the past to pan the camera manually during a slider shot, I know how hard it is to pull off smoothly. The fact that it's an easy add-on to an existing rig that many people have is another awesome bonus for making this a very slick accessory.

The Parallax isn't expected to start shipping for a few months, and it's projected to cost about $400. There aren't any details on the Kessler website yet, so check out the video description on Vimeo for what little information is out. Here is the list of sliders that Parallax should be compatible with:

"Traveler and standard length Pocket Dolly v2.0 BASIC, Pocket Dolly v2.0, Stealth & Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly as well as the traveler, 3' & 5' CineSlider."

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The One Man Crew is also worth a look -

I was considering The One Man Crew - but it's a dedicated system and costs $1,500. The Parallax as a simple $400.00 add-on seems like the better deal and with much more flexibility. Let me know if I got this wrong but seems like a slam dunk for Parallax.

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If you already own the right slider then the parallax is the appropriate choice. However if you're starting from scratch you're looking at about $2200 before tax/shipping for everything you'll need (parallax, head, slider, motor system) so the One Man Crew is still a good choice for what it costs, IMO. It really comes down to what you want to shoot most, the Kessler system is more versatile because of it's time lapse capabilities however if you're shooting mostly interviews and products you can certainly get away with using the One Man Crew.

I can make this for $50.

OK Daniel. I will buy one for $100.00 Can I get it next week.

I pay additional 20$ to see

One for me too please. $100.

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I'll take one as well! $100
Free shipping? Toronto, ON

Look guys, don't be ridiculous, the man has kids to feed. $200.

I want a lot of them. Shall we say 3000? By thursday, please.

Too much going on to build right now, its a linear bearing along a piece of turned steel. as the rail moves closer or further from the track the tripod moves respectively because of the linkage on the side of the camera mount. The garage version is just a galvanized swivel you can get at Lowes for the camera, the linkage can be a turnbuckle used on wire. Attach those to the linear bearing, slide that over the rail. Then use a simple telescoping tube on each end with a thumb screw to adjust the rail in and out.