Lakai Blows Up Skateboarders To Sell Shoes

You may remember a post that we did months back of Lakai shooting a video with skateboarder jumping over huge flames... Well I believe this video is actually older but I like it more. This time the shoe company used explosives to ramp up the excitment and I love it! Usually we post the BTS first but the finished product is so cool I'd rather you watch it first; then you can hit see all of the "mistakes" that actually made it into the finished product in the BTSV.

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Um... looks pretty obvious which ones had mistakes. The ones where the guys grab their burning faces afterward. :) Very cool video!

that's weird... i never seen this ad. i was introduced to these scenes by UNKLE's video for Heaven (which i think has FAR better music to the whole thing)

of course, i COULD be just misinformed and the UNKLE one is just a fan put his music to this clips, but still thought i'd share :D

You should check out the newest Lakai video where they set everything on fire. This one was shot by the amazing SPIKE JONES.

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This is the version that was used as the intro to "Fully Flared" The skate video by Lakai Limited Footwear.
The UNKLE version isn't a fan edit. It's actually included in the "Final Flare" edition of "Fully Flared."

Ty Evans and Spike Jonze have been doing this stuff for years for the Girl Skateboard Company (with Chocolate and Lakai). The way skate videos are edited these days was pretty much pioneered by Ty Evans. You should also look up the Girl Skateboard Company video "Yeah Right!" intro and invisible boards scene. The Keenan Milton skit in "Mouse"

[edit] I actually was invited to the premiere of this video at UCLA in 2007. All the who's who of skateboarding was there. Every single person was shocked at this video. It was unlike anything ever seen before.

awesome, thanks for the heads up

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Hands down one of the best skate videos today.
Makes me wanna go film/photog some skateboarding.

I love how skateboarding, snowboarding, etc. are making way more visually appealing videos than traditional sports. I think it's because the creatives making them actually did this stuff.