Mark Rober Shows Us Some Creative DIY Rotational Filming

Do you remember 14 years ago when the Matrix came out and blew some of our minds with filming techniques? One of the most ingenious scenes at the time was the wrap around bullet shot where the camera spun around the actors on a large dolly while they were suspended in mid air. Popular Youtuber Mark Rober has come up a really simple and cheap way to replicate the rotational filming effect of that scene.

To see more of his creative videos, check out his channel.

via Awesomer

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Jaron Schneider's picture

With a little refining, the possibilities of this idea are sweet. I want to try it now...

Agreed. Not quite there yet, but so much potential.

what frame rate was he recording at?

120fps 720p

"I shot all off this footage with a GoPro HD Hero 3 at 240 fps. NO TWIXTOR!!"

just read the youtube description.

thanks good on you, u spawned a few ideas but super messy ones

Christopher Holt's picture

The best way to do this would be to use chroma green as your background. then key in a back-ground that has motion. Otherwise, the effect is not as cool. FYI, there are turntable rigs that come with static centers. I believe they are made for jewelry stores. It would be a little more controllable. Maybe not as fast, though.

That's what I used some years ago. I replaced the motor with a faster one, and attached a 360 degree panorama picture as the background. I didn't have a high-speed camera, so I had to post-edit the movie in a slower frame rate - the result wasn't great, but it was fun doing.

:3 thanks !!!!