Motorcycle Destruction In Super Slo Mo

Allstate created a pretty clever advertising campaign for motorcycle insurance that showed super slow motion motorcycle wrecks without their riders. Their tag line is "Bikes never crash alone." I think this ad makes a really strong statement without being gory. Check out the BTS below and the finished product below that.

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Is that camera crane car a Porsche? *sigh* money.

At least now I know why our insurance is so expensive, they need money so they can spend it on trashing bikes.

i was thinking about the exact same thing - do they really need a cayenne instead of the Q7 as a camera-car... and mount all those stuff on it?

on Q7 vs. Cayenne - I don't have inside knowledge, but cayenne makes sense. The Pursuit Systems Cayenne camera car has been around for awhile. The cayenne was available sometime circa 2003, the Q7 not until 2007. Don't know when Pursuit Systems came out with there version, but they had it fully operational per this video posted in 2008:

So they probably started development on it before the Q7 was available. Pursuit Systems makes a good argument that they want as high a performance vehicle as possible in the video, they end up souping up the suspension and brakes to handle the dynamic loading of that moving crane.

The real magic is the robotic counterbalance system that keeps that car from riding around on two wheels all the time!