New DSLR Short Film "Spy vs Guy" By Red Giant, Plus Behind The Scenes

As leaders in the video post-production plugin world, it's really cool to see Red Giant creating short films to promote its products, and they are always a blast to watch. You might recall "Plot Device" or "Form 17" as some of their previous work. This new short isn't directly related to BulletProof, their new plugin, but it's a very entertaining piece with an equally informative making of video as well.

Here's the making of video, which covers everything from concept development and shooting challenges, to music scoring and prop design.

As someone who uses Red Giant plugins, I can definitely attest to their awesomeness. While not for everyone's workflow, the features in just one or two of their products, such as Magic Bullet or Plural Eyes has made my life much easier and the quality of my work much better. If you're doing video post-production and you haven't given them a look, you can try them for free.

More information about Red Giant and "BulletProof" can be seen here on their website.

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There are no such russian words! :)

Crazy good work.


THIS IS F-ING WONDERFUL!!!! I LAUGHED SO HARD!!!! LOVE IT!!!! I especially loved the returning mechanical bird and the dart gun sequences....

I was about halfway through before I realized the spy was played by Steve taylor . . . I knew that face, I just couldn't think of where!

As a side note (and as Andy noticed), I grew up listening to the music of the spy:

Seagram Pearce's picture

This is why I ALWAYS stop the microwave at 0:01 & feel like Jack Bauer. True story.

Beautifully done! But - please, next time do find somebody who speaks Russian or at least has basic knowledge of using dictionaries! :) Translating "seconds" on the clock as a numeral "second" (второй) is a true gem, not to mention misspelling basially EVERY Russian word in the movie. I'm willing to consult the Red Giant guys for free in their next production :)

Very entertaining!

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OK, that was good.

hahaha. was the pizza guy using cellphone in the year 1970?