The New Edelkrone "Action Module" Simplifies Timelapse And Motion Control For DSLRs

Edelkrone raised a few interested eyebrows with their unique slider design a while back, but with their recent add-on items, the latest of which is the "Action Module," both filmmakers and manufacturers alike are taking a long look at these innovate products. The Action Module not only brings timelapse and repeatable moves, it does so in a simple, intuitive way.

If you're late to the Edelkrone game, take a look at the review video our own Jaron from Fstoppers did on the Edelkrone Slider Plus.

As the video about the Action Module will demonstrate, performing and recording moves is extremely simple. If you're a timelapse pro this might not give you precise control in every way, but as someone who has tried to use expensive, bulky timelapse controllers on sliders before, I wish this product would have existed then. I pulled my hair for hours out trying to program simple linear timelapse moves correctly, when it appears I could have set one up in about 5 minutes with the Action Module.

Expected to ship in early June, the Action Module will run $800.

[via No Film School]

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Jaron Schneider's picture

I flipping love this company.

I totally agree… from the time I opened my Modula rig, I became brand loyal… one of the few companies that I can say that for.

Jaron Schneider's picture

I can no longer live without my Slider Plus.

Thank you for your kind words Jaron!

- İnanç

Mike Folden's picture

These guys are crushing it!

worlds fasting trending slider in the world... awesome

Love the Edelkrone sliders. Seem head and shoulders above the competition.

he said that it is compatible with most of the camera in the market but no Nikon battery package option on their website. Mistake?

Duke we are sorry for not offering any Nikon Battery Plate for the Motion Control Modules however it does not mean that the Nikon Cameras are not compatible with the edelkrone Motion Control Modules. Battery Plates are only another powering option like they could also be powered with the included AC-DC adapter.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us anytime via

- İnanç

Action module + target module + Slider Plus Pro V2 (Large) and it still costs just over 1500€. Damn guys, I can't even get a Kessler slider without any accessories from Finland for that price and you give me a total timelapse, motion slider? Damn, I've got to love Edelkrone, so amazing products with so good price

It's great to hear that from you Apollo.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime via

- İnanç

Wow, beautiful. One day when I have this type of budget I'll be back...


Definitely a beautiful looking setup. I've just backed up the Cinetics AXIS 360 through Kickstarter, so we'll see how they match up when my unit arrives. Edelkrone is definitely the "Apple" of the motion control when it comes to the product look and feel. Motion control to the masses is becoming more and more awesome every day!

Your kind words really honoured us thank you Alex!

- İnanç

Oh great! Just when I started to save for the besteady one comes the f'ing edelkrone with his marvelous machine. That's it! Anyone interested in a healthy kidney?


What is that boxy camera in the video?

It is the BlackMagicDesign Production Camera 4K :)

- İnanç


What a big tripod! I am waiting for them to shrink it.

Does the Action module only work w/ their sliders?
There are lots of reviews that say their slider isn't level through the entire motion so it doesn't make a good slider :-P

So how does the Action module work with the Target module? No one has demonstrated it, or talked about how they talk together….Do they talk with each other?