Photo Tutorial on Using a Sparkler in a Beauty Shot

I love it when teams can keep churning out interesting tutorials or behind the scenes videos regularly and still keep the quality high, and one team that continues to do just that is PHLEARN. We've featured them a few times in the past, and today they released this new video on shooting beauty, but with sparklers.

Now before you go out and try this, be aware that the technique shown here has an element of danger, so just be careful. Aaron says he tried this first with himself as a guinea pig, so he felt comfortable putting the model in the same position. Use your judgement fellas.



You can read more information about the shoot at PHLEARN, and also make sure to check out their Pro Tutorials if you want even more detailed how-to demos.

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Love the image, great choice of color and lighting effect.
I'd love to try it but the thought of a spark hitting the eye directly... OUCH!

agreed! i wouldn't want to try it with any of my friends unless they were wearing safety glasses or something

Jason Vinson's picture

 you can see in the video that they take pics with her eyes closed. the final image they probably add an open eye from a previous frame.

This is just stunning,,thank you for sharing!

Thats fantastic. Love the lighting and the twist of blowing the sparkler. I am filing this away for future use.

Model blowing it like a dandelion in a dusk scene... My idea, you can't have it!

Tam Nguyen's picture

Wow, amazing concept! That talent is all ballsy. And she's gorgeous too.

Wow...that was totally cool! :-)

bad ass.... getting my creative juices flowing as well as other juices 

Lorenzo P's picture

Amazing shit man!!!!!! Love it!!!!

Zach Sutton's picture

This is stunning!