Profoto Launches New 20-Part Web Series on Weddings

Profoto just released the first of 20 videos highlighting different aspects of a wedding as shot by wedding photographers Justin & Mary as they set out to capture a young couple's most special day. Each video reveals the story and the lighting setup behind a certain image. For instance, we get to see how the bridal couple's dance was shot and how the kiss in the church was eternalized.

This first video is about the iconic bridal portrait. If you want to sign up to be alerted to new video releases, you'll want to be added to the mailing list which you can sign up for here.

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This series is going to help sell a lot of Alien Bee gear.

Matei Horvath's picture

Haha Matt Doebler, that's really funny!

WOW. Talk about equipment specific sales.. I loved the shot with the lamp coming out from the top of her head. I've seen the wedding video produced here at FStoppers (although I don't own it). If you want the deal on weddings, and the answers to issues and flexibility needed to cover weddings. I HIGHLY recommend that video which I'm sure is link on this site somewhere.

The idea of producing equpiment specific content for a job is contingent on you OWNING that kit. There are better lights out there with as much...or more flexibility than B1's.

With the FStoppers release... it's a case of 'teach a man to fish, he'll never starve again, Give him a B1 and send him out... he'll be broke and in the hole a grand a monoblock' Education and training in a 'all around sense' is a better path.

i'm assuming this type of portrait is intended to be done on a separate day from the wedding day?