Samsung Tries to Convince Consumers That Bigger Isn't Better When it Comes to Cameras

Samsung Tries to Convince Consumers That Bigger Isn't Better When it Comes to Cameras

Though I appreciate the spirit of this commercial put together by Samsung, I'm not sure I'm fully on board with their test environment (comparing image quality from an LCD or even a tablet isn't really a comparison). However, it does show the kind of people that camera companies are advertising to. Often pros are baffled by some of the products that hit the market. There isn't as much money in appealing to pros, but rather to the often totally ignorant consumer.

These consumers are totally caught up on how the camera looks more than how it performs. Their minds tell them a fancy, larger camera will of course take better images without that opinion rooted in any actual knowledge. It's all perception. Though fascinating from a consumer behavior standpoint, it's sad really. These people are the reason we get products we don't need or gear that either seems half-baked or incomplete from the perspective of pros.

UPDATE: The original Youtube video was removed by Samsung (not sure why), but I managed to find it again under a different user that I don't believe is associated with Samsung. We have reached out to Samsung for comment, but they have not been forthcoming with a response.

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Yeah, most average consumers don't look at 100% crops on large displays - so the choice has a lot to do with looks and marketing. The sellers in most stores will use the consumers arguments in this video.

This post can be closed. You said it all!

Most people wouldn't be able to see the difference between medium format and a P&S to save their lives... This ONLY prooves that average Joes and Janes can be sold anything...

Quite sad!

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My problems here are that A) They never actually compared it's image to a DSLR, instead only comparing it to itself in a fancy shell.. and B) Everyone chose it in the fancy shell.. lol

Considering the NX line has a APS-C sized sensor in it, the IQ should be basically the same as most entry level DSLR's. Not much to compare here...

Technically, a Canon Rebel XT has an APS-C sensor too but a 70D would be better wouldn't it?

And why limit yourself to APS-C? They're saying bigger isn't better so let's go big. bring a D800 or 1DX. Bring up a Phase 1 vs. the Samsung and watch them cry.

Because a typical consumer who is Samsung's target market won't look to spend $ for a D800 or 1DX, but will look at the Rebels, whose image quality can be matched by Samsung's NX300

Also an the issue I see is the famously brilliant and true quote,"everyone looks good this big" (aka 2"-3"). That is a poor choice of tests but obviously they are just trying to make a catchy commercial to show their camera is better then a DSLR. Like Jens said most consumers don't look at 100% cropped images. Also most consumers don't know the in depth details of cameras. In the end this wasn't suppose to be a unbiased test. It's a commercial for a product.

Well i must say i would always choose de one in the "dslr" case cause it is framed by that case and you are able to see the picture better so "better viewing quality" just me saying of course

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wow so .. out of a selection of samsung versus samsung....EVERYONE picked the samsung. no kidding what a coup for them ha?

Youtube link removed, any other alternatives?

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Found another one. Weird that it got taken down. This one has a slightly different end, but nothing major.

Better DL it before taken down again.

Samsung probably received negative feedback over this video.
Can't find it on their website either.

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Let me reach out and see what I can glean. I'll probably get the PR-speak version of something, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

That will be great!~ At least we'll know why it was taken down....

Obviously this in no way actually compares the image quality of their cameras to commonly available DSLRs images... may work on your average consumer, but really does nothing to convince anyone that the image quality is comparable to a DSLR with the added "smart" camera benefits.

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Once again we will start that debate "pro versus amateur"!

IF you only take photos to post online I see zero reason to get a DSLR. ZERO=0! You're not shooting RAW, you're not interested in processing beyond Instagram filters, so sure, for the average Joe who does not need low light sharp lenses to shoot weddings, smaller cameras can be a perfect choice.

The video you guys posted yesterday just showed a great deal of snobbery.

I guess they don't think this logic applies to their smartphones...

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For most consumers, they are right, but lets see a real world, professional test with clients ordering 30" prints! And, really, the quality of the image you see on the display on the back of the camera is not a fair representation of what it will look like on a large monitor or in print.

These ignorant consumers spend a lot of money on cameras and accessories and maybe don't need anything more, than the simple or mid range camera. The pros will also tell us, a person with a very expensive camera and goodies doesn't always make better pictures.

I think the average consumer probably does not need a DSLR and this campaign is for them. I'm talking about the person that leaves the camera on auto forever.

I'm also left thinking, what if they actually compared against a real DSLR and showed the image on a large screen or printouts.

May I say: their very ending claim "I AM SMART" reminded me so much of the Nikon "I AM" claims... that ain't so smart.

sued for TM claim in 3...2...1...

oh i get it. it's a great marketing campaign. if i were NOT a photographer i would totally appreciate this. right now i'm just gonna close my eyes to this like i closed my eyes to ashton kutcher and his nikon camera.

And of course they are doing the "test" in bright light where most any camera can get good images. I wonder how a real test in low light would go.

Ugh, to focus holding the out camera like that is enough to discount this whole video.

They prove nothing by having a big "fake" camera. Bring up a "real" big camera of the same generation and then let's do the test. I don't know, let's put up Samsung's best camera/lens combination against Nikon's. Maybe the D4 isn't fair so let's try Nikon's second best camera the D800/24-70mm lens against Samsung's best. Which takes the better picture?? That's what I thought Samsung.

How about you stick with making nice big screen TV's and let the guys who know how to make cameras make cameras.

Perhaps there would be more people buying "smart cameras" and just leave the DSLRs to the ones that really appreciate photography and make a living with it. Now just because you buy a DSLR it means that you'll become a photographer, but at the same time we will be able to separate Professionals from Enthusiasts..

Was it just me or could you clearly see that that wasn't a DSLR lens on what they where let to believe was a DSLR camera