See 50 GoPros Work Together To Create The Happiest Matrix Remake Ever

Devin Graham, better known by his internet alias Devin Supertramp, recently created this video (and BTS piece) that utilized over 50 GoPro cameras to capture dogs jumping and playing as if they were Neo dodging bullets in the blockbuster film The Matrix. If this doesn't make you crack at least a tiny smile, I'm pretty sure you may be Scrooge himself. For a behind-the-scenes look at how this was made, check out the video after the jump.

In addition to the somewhat hilarious but incredibly cute video, the team released a pretty in-depth behind the scenes featurette as well. Using 52 GoPros and a custom made bullet-time machined camera mounting ring, the team was able to get a bunch of dogs to play in and around the cameras while they recorded their every move. The BTS is pretty in-depth, and goes over more or less every aspect of the project: everything from compositing the shots together, to dealing with the corporate sponsorship used in the video and how it was paid for and supported.

You can see more of Devin's work on his youtube page, but if you haven't seen it, I highly suggest you watch his videos below. Makes me want to get off my couch and do something, that's for sure!

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Jaron Schneider's picture

This was really sweet! But all I could think was, "Editing this must have been a real pain."
Great job guys :)

Trevor Dayley's picture

Devin consistently puts out great videos.

Spy Black's picture

Seems to me they could have used Premiere Pro's or After Effect's Warp Stabilizer on the composited sequences get rid of that jitter. Surprised they don't think to animate the sequences as they turned, unless they were really hung up on the bullet time thing.

Chris Watts's picture

I wondered about this too, in fact I might rip the video down for an experiment. From the BTS it sounds like the post production was already intense enough as it is.

Adam Simmons's picture

Agreed. The camera shake, and exposure differences between cameras, was very distracting and sloppy looking. And there were a few times where you can see the frames were composited out of order. But overall it was a fun piece.

Joey Duncan's picture

So what is this video being used for? I assume the clips above are only trial runs?

BLK PXLS's picture

Good idea,average implementation. This video piece is more for youtube hits and web traffic than actually making some dope shots. Its more like "look at me I rented or gopro sponsored 50 cameras".He makes dope life style videos but this one is kinda gimmicky. Ive been watching his work for years. Stick to glidecam, water and hot chicks.

Vickie Sampson's picture

I can't see anything! The boxes are black. What's happening why can't i see them?

Raymond Tuquero's picture

That is a brilliant idea and use of the GoPros. I bet the planning took some time for the shot layout. Very well executed.

Rubeun Gracias's picture

There was much better way of editing this videos down...but each one to everyone editing style but fair play...I fully understand the pain of having to make sure they are all setup and ready to go...:P