Shoot Moving Time Lapse With DriveCam

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That looked like so much fun!!! where and when can I go! I was up till 7AM shooting the stars and there was way too much light pollution, even in the desolate place I drove too!

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Wow. Time Lapse + HDR photography, impressive to say the least...Props to the brasilian soundtrack... é nois na fita mané!!!!!

Great video. nice to see these instruments at work.

now *this*, is the best HDR time lapse/video I've ever seen. incredible

Was that HDR? I thought he just used a grad filter to bring the sky down?

looks like HDR, especially at 0:24. Whatever was done, I'd love to know more about it.

Amazing! love the photography!

I want a BTS. The look of the video screams HDR, but I have no idea especially since it was shot as time lapse.

Fantastic and inspiring. Personally I see this type of filming for the very first time.

I cant imagine the PITA editing this must have been.

incredible... The HDResque-style of the video/images appears to be overdone in places, but those clouds...! wow. The movement of the camera(s) adds a lot to the overall feel of timelapse-videos. great stuff!

I loved the time lapse of the time lapse cam, only to be topped by a time lapse of the time lapse of the time lapse cam! There have been a couple of HDR time lapse/non time lapse videos on Fstoppers recently, like Brian said the PITA factor must be massive!