Shoot Moving Time Lapse With DriveCam

Moving time lapse videos are becoming more and more popular these days. Check out the video below to see Patryk Kizny take the DriveCam Slider for a test.

Autumn. A short timelapse film from Patryk Kizny on Vimeo.

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That looked like so much fun!!! where and when can I go! I was up till 7AM shooting the stars and there was way too much light pollution, even in the desolate place I drove too!

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Wow. Time Lapse + HDR photography, impressive to say the least...Props to the brasilian soundtrack... é nois na fita mané!!!!!

Great video. nice to see these instruments at work.

now *this*, is the best HDR time lapse/video I've ever seen. incredible

Was that HDR? I thought he just used a grad filter to bring the sky down?

looks like HDR, especially at 0:24. Whatever was done, I'd love to know more about it.

Amazing! love the photography!

I want a BTS. The look of the video screams HDR, but I have no idea especially since it was shot as time lapse.

Fantastic and inspiring. Personally I see this type of filming for the very first time.

I cant imagine the PITA editing this must have been.

incredible... The HDResque-style of the video/images appears to be overdone in places, but those clouds...! wow. The movement of the camera(s) adds a lot to the overall feel of timelapse-videos. great stuff!

I loved the time lapse of the time lapse cam, only to be topped by a time lapse of the time lapse of the time lapse cam! There have been a couple of HDR time lapse/non time lapse videos on Fstoppers recently, like Brian said the PITA factor must be massive!