Sony's Stereo 3D Commercial "Two Worlds" Shot At 2500 FPS

The amount of effort that went into Sony's 3D commercial Two Worlds is pretty unbelievable. I've watched this video twice now and still don't know if I know what I'm seeing. The creative team filmed the actors at 2500 FPS which required more than half a million watts of lighting and some of the largest fabric grids I've ever seen. Then using green screen, they filmed tons of slow motion projectiles to help their CGI team in the rendering of the background and moving elements. Because super slow motion video often looks fake even if it's real, making sense of what is real and what isn't real in this video is what makes it so interesting to me. Watch the making of below and then watch the full commercial inspired by the legendary Leonard Cohen below.

Behind The Scenes:

3D Version:

2D Version:

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Wow... that is incredibly similar to this short I watched earlier this year.

Ah, which makes sense. Being that the director is the same, lol.

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Ye, that video is the first one that came to mind watching the one in the post. Both are just wonderful!

I thought the EXACT same thing when I saw that clip too. Kinda took the sparkle off the Sony video since I saw this one before. Nice dig Artty I was looking for this clip for a few months now but forgot the name of it.

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That was amazing! Sony is creeping on the the come up big time. I shot with the FS100 recently and that is a bad ass camera. I think they're the only ones who make a DSLR which shoots 60fps at 1080p too. For now that is. 

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ha was that a Bone Thugs reference Mike?

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East 1999!

the earlier b&w version is much more touching.

Patrick, please don't post things that a going to choke me up!  I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff and then add this kind of cinematography - well, very cool. And just used iOS 5 on the iPad2 to airplay it on the 50" HD - too cool!

Super Amazing!!!!

It seems completely without emotion. Wonderful CGI, but the background really does come off as a separate element. I think they attempted real emotion but didn't succeed.

I was going to say it looked very similar to Nuit Blanche. Makes sense.

Yawn, sorry but Sony just throwing big money and numbers at what is essentially a rip off of Nuit Blanche which when it came out dropped my jaw, this copy is just a bad rehash. Shame on the company involved for just copying something great, but then again what do I expect from Sony. They're actually telling the truth in their advert. We made a load of stuff up, copied someone greater than us and slapped on lots of digital makeup to tart it up. In the end though its still just a cheap product, marked up.

Im glad that the same director did the Nuit Blanche video as this would have been a total rip off and such a poor copy.
Personally I think this version is utter rubbish, like a remake of a classic movie that should never have happened. However even standing alone its pretty terrible.