The Sound Behind: 'Man of Steel'

With filmmaking it's not just the camera operators, directors, actors or even the composers that bring a good well-rounded film together, you also have to have an amazing sound team. It seems to be such an insignificant thing when creating a film, but in reality sound mixing can create the mood of the film just as much as the acting or lighting. Follow the team behind Zach Snyder's 'Man of Steel' as they discuss how they created the mood for the 'super' blockbuster.

Via: SoundWorks Collection

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Pavel Backa's picture

Sounds were great, but ... if they were less noisy. It was really painfull for my ears.
Does someone has same experience?

sebsnat's picture

I totally agree! At the beginning of the movie it was just too laud but
at the end I was covering my ears as I just couldn't stand the prolonged
noise. Almost left the cinema before the end of the movie because of
this. I guess it's not the filmmakers fault but the cinama. I am done
with Odeon.

Pavel Backa's picture

Yep, I had the same feeling in the end. I dont think, that this is fault of cinema (only). I was I CinemaCity in Ostrava.
Last time I couldnt stand volume of movie was during "300" few years ago.

Stephen Melling's picture

I thought the film was shockingly bad. The sound was what you would expect from a film which ends each scene with an explosion.

Cody Griffin Edger's picture

No character development. Storyline was practically nonexistent. Visually, the movie was amazing and very beautiful, but there was just no depth.

Stephen Melling's picture

Couldn't agree more. At the cinema I was at the audience laughed at how cringe worthy some parts were. Especially the scene where one of the office workers is 'trapped' in the rubble. "I'm over here!" she shouts from her perfectly formed enclosed space. P.S. Where was all the other trapped people? It seemed they were the only ones in the city! So bad on so many levels.

BDWT's picture

Did anyone else feel like this behind the scenes video left a bit to be desired? The most interesting part was watching the foley artist record the ball bearings but the video didn't show us any good before and after examples of the recordings or things people were talking about!

0ddman's picture

Spot on

Jeff Camp's picture

Wow what a bunch of whiners... You can't please everyone I suppose. Getting back to the point the sound team did an amazing job to bring this movie to life! If your ears hurt, good, then they are doing there jobs and doing them well!

Every punch, kick, and step was with weight and really braught the severity of what was at stake close to your heart. You literally felt the wallop of superman's punches. This is the superman movie I have been waiting for and for all the naysayers out there I would love to see you do better. They had a little over 2 hours to crame an entire story together that spanned from his home world to earth all the way up to the final battle with general Zod.

Without this great sound design team the movie would have been a lot less.

Sound is everything!

james martin's picture

I could have resumed this video in 1 min