Stunning Timelapse Displays the Many Sides and Colors of Los Angeles

Those that know me know that Los Angeles is one of my favourite cities in the world. The city just feels like home for a number of reasons and this timelapse from Chris Pritchard absolutely embodies everything I love about it. The ever changing conditions and light, the mixture of urban and landscape and the way the city just feels alive.

Chris captures the city from a variety of familiar locations as well as many unique rooftops and displays a nice mixture of wide sweeping panoramas and urban close-ups, all tied together with flawless composition, cinematography and editing. What most impresses me is the changing weather conditions in every frame and the way that Chris uses cloud movement to pull the viewer deeper and deeper into each scene. All of this culminates into one of the best timelapses I've seen this year so sit back for four minutes, put the video in full screen and book your ticket to LA.

Check out more from Chris on his Facebook Page, Instagram and Vimeo

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Chris Valites's picture

This is beautiful, but man, makes me realize that I personally can't deal with sprawl. After living in way. Nothing against people of Los Angeles, though, takes all types.

Austin Lacroix's picture

I was born and raised in LA and I must say that I love all the diversity it contains. As a photographer/videographer, it never ceases to offer new places to go or new inspirations.

Louis Van de Vyvere's picture

So. Much. Traffic. :o

Bob Bell's picture