Timelapse Of Golden Gate Bridge's 75th Anniversary Fireworks Show

On Sunday, San Francisco celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge with one massive fireworks display. For all of us who weren't able to attend, no worries; the guys over at The Seventh Movement captured the entire event with several Canon 5Ds (MKII and IIIs) and a Red Scarlet (at 48 fps). The editing job on this is amazing and all the shots were planned out really well...the twilight harbor shot is worth a watch alone!

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Not only is this a fabulous timelapse, but you used Knife Party! Kudos of the highest calibre to you!

MarkFore's picture

beautiful time lapse...but alas I'm not a fan of dub step so it was semi ruined...

Olivia Speranza's picture

It's a beautiful LSD trip! Okay... I want to see their editing timeline lol. Insane.. 

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Would have loved it if it wasn't so schizophrenic. Hating on dubstep is just as trendy as it is to like it nowadays, so I guess they were trying to make it not so serious, and legitimize the use of it in the video by adding a contrasting soundtrack and style. But in the end, it just got annoying.

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nice concept but the music kind of kills it for me... 

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Absolutely horrible!  The soundtrack ,as one poster mentioned above, was annoying.  The chaotic editing style almost put me into a seizure. I actually tried to watch 2 times ....the longest I could last was 1:57 ......

The Golden Gate, an iconic & classy structure, deserves far better!

Awesome video!  I was working that day otherwise I'd have been out there shooting too!  I work at Bistro Boudin there on the wharf, so I'm probably half a pixel in each shot, haha!!

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Did they shut down the whole bridge for setting up the ceremony and for how long? Where would you bypass it, and how long out of the way would the bypass be?

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@Julian - At 9pm the bridge shut down in both directions, and at 930pm the fireworks started. They lasted for about 20 minutes, and the bridge reopened just after 10pm...
By "bypass" do you mean alternate routes? Well, it was only closed for an hour, but one COULD take 580 from 101, and cross (1st time) the Richmond San Rafael bridge. Then 80 south, through Berkeley, and into Oakland, crossing (2nd time) into The City on the Bridge Bridge. During the celebration, with all the traffic, waiting until the bridge reopened would have been so much quicker.

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I enjoyed this great timelapse video. The editing and music is something different than the TV news stuff!
Great work!

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What happened, the video is now locked?

I just gotta make a timelapse video some time soon! 

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