Timelapse Of The Oldest Motor Plant In The World

Everyone loves a good timelapse video, and Benjamin Sichert has a great one here. Ben filmed this at the NA Otto & Cie factory in Germany which was the first plant to produce 4 stroke combustion engines back in the 1870s. As you can clearly see in the video, this was entirely filmed on a Canon 5D Mark II (video sequences), a Nikon D90 (photo sequences), and the automated Pocket Slider. I love how Ben added a behind the scenes element by including a few camera shots of the setup and motion. It always amazes me what these motorized dollies can do...might have to pick one up soon.

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Its a great video, but I'm a little confused at why you would keep shot preview on when battery life could be an issue...

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Timelapse: quickly becoming like a new "HDR" of effects.

Love the timelapse with music! Thanks for the share!

A bit of overkill on sliders in hd dslr videos as of late...still a good video though.

Nice shots but I don't agree with the music choice... bit odd. Also agree with everyone above... timelapse is being overdone a bit.

Rather weird choice for the music yes. Agree with the comments on the sliders as well. Furthermore, I don't really understand why you'd want to do a timelapse of a totally static subject. This is another example of using a certain technique (timelapse, sliders) just for the sake of using that technique, instead of thinking carefully about your subject or even message you're trying to convey. Like HDR. Of course I'm not saying there isn't a place for sliders, timelapses or HDR. The timelapse of New York that was featured here a while back blew my mind.

I was just getting ready to submit this. THANKS GIZMODO

Awesome video and good music.
By curiosity, what is the name of music?

The music is "Goddess" by John 00 Fleming.

I Like it ! It changes from usual landscape/city timelapse. These "lost" locations have something strange and magic.