A Timelapse Video Of Chicago Taken From A Boat

Patrick and I were just in Chicago a few weeks ago filming an upcoming FS Original and when we asked the locals what we needed to do, everyone suggested the architectural boat tour. Riding a boat through the center of a huge city was a really cool experience and if you ever visit, I would suggest you also check it out.

It appears that Philip Bloom also went on the same tour but he (being the smart guy that he is) strapped a camera to the boat and made a video out of it. Now everyone can enjoy hours of boating through Chicago in about 3 minutes.

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Mark Fleming's picture

Awesome video! One of the coolest time lapse I've seen yet. 2 questions, what interval was the camera set to shoot at? And, what equip/software did you use to capture?

Great video (and great music)

Joe Donofrio's picture

It was taken on the Gypsy Spirit. you can find her at www.freespiritcruises.com  
Thanks for a great video. Hope you all come back soon.