The Tutu Project: An Inspiring and Refreshing Project That Aims To Fight Breast Cancer

Photographer Bob Carey has taken the fight against cancer into his own hands with the most unusual of tools: a man-sized pink tutu. By creating a combination of whimsical and emotionally charged self-portraits, Bob's project tugs at the heartstrings and spreads awareness in a humorous, yet touching, way. Check out the amazing photos and story in this video, which was produced by PocketWizard. You can get more information about the project and see more photos at

Via Pocketwizard

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Beautiful concept Mr. Carey! Keep up all the smiles that you are generating during times of stress!

Simon Whitehead's picture

Beautiful work, beautiful sentiment.

This is nothing short of beautiful. Bob started a project, made it fun and made it spiral into something everyone could enjoy and women could benefit from! Cheers, Bob! Keep up the brilliant ideas.

Wow. Your name is a blast from the past. I knew a Michelle Segade as a teenager. Are you from the west coast?

love it and the idea behind it lots of love from spain and good luck with your project!!!!