A Twelve Nikon Camera Symphony Made with the Sound of the Shutters

Benjamin Von Wong is known for making some pretty exceptional creative images, but this time he decided to go audio instead of visual. In his latest project, he uses 12 Nikon cameras (with the assistance of Nikon Professional Services) and the musical know-how of composer Andrew Kesler to produce a masterpiece of rhythm and shutters.

"By experimenting with the custom “CL-Continuous Low” settings, we were able to set the cameras to 1, 2, 3 fps, etc… which gave us a nice base to start off on.

That wasn’t enough, however to create enough musical and sound variance so that’s when we started experimenting with a couple other functions – Live view up/down, Mirror-up/down, and even the custom beep volumes within the various bodies we had available."

Check out the behind the scenes video:

Want it as a ringtone? Of course you do.

Make sure to read Von Wong's full blog article for the entire awesome story.

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this made my day...

Beside the video, Von Wong is a very inspirational photographer to me.

Von Wong's picture

Thanks :D I try !

Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

made my day! ^^

Erik Sawaya's picture

I would say that's about the only good thing a Nikon is good for, if I was a Canon boy.. ;)