Tyler Stableford's New Short Film "Shattered" + Behind The Scenes

"I've shared a rope with 19 people who have died." The haunting voiceover in Tyler Stableford's latest short film "Shattered" really drives the drama, while introspective conjecture and nail-biting visuals keep you on the edge of your seat. Tyler also has released a 3-part behind the scenes video series on the making of this film, which used the Canon 1DX. See the full post for all 3 videos.

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Shattered is one of the best short films that I have viewed on Fstoppers. It is sculpted down to it's essence. It's delivery is on point! I appreciate the BTS episodes sharing the great equipment used and some of the setups but also, more importantly, the vision and creative process that went into this excellent piece.

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By far my favorite kind of photography. If I could join the ranks of photographer/videographers like Tim Kemple, Jimmy Chin, Dan Carr, Renan Ozturk, that would be the life. Can't watch this now but I'm sure its fantastic. Can't wait to get home from work!

Steve House is an awesome climber. 

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Anyone recognize the bag he's got there? I have trouble figuring out what kind of bag would hang off my body on a shoulder but be secured by the waist too. You always want double security on the rock.

Hi Mark, indeed as Matthew mentioned it's a Think Tank Photo bag, the Speedracer beltpack to be specific. It's by far my favorite camera bag, and is with me on virtually every shoot. It has a waist belt, a shoulder sling, and also a top grab handle which is really helpful for clipping it into a climbing anchor.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the process and seeing the final result.  Fantastic.

The bag he's using is a Think Tank belt pack.  (I know because I shot the BTS footage while we were hanging form the ropes on bridalveil).  It was cold as hell and some of the toughest shooting conditions imaginable.  Tyler slayed it.

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Thanks Matthew. I looked at it last night and thats what I thought as well. Thanks for confirming it.

Wow! powerful film. Is it just me (or my processor) or is the slo-mo kinda jittery on the shot at 4:33?

What a briliant representation of mind process during solo climbing.. Great video, Great BTS

The best short film I've ever seen!!!This represents the core of why I want to be a filmmaker!

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I have seen many shorts lately and this one really touched me. I know it is promo for 1Dx but at least it is real film, not just empty story (looking back at 5Dmk2 and C300 promos).

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Wow great film...!

Thank you all very much for the kind words, it really means a lot to all of us who worked on the film!
With gratitude,

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I really enjoyed watching those, Amazing stuff.