[Video] 90-Minute Richard Avedon Series

This is a series of videos that make up a fascinating 90-minute documentary about the great Richard Avedon. It's called "Richard Avedon: Darkness and Light," and first aired back in 1995 as part of the American Masters Series. If you're like me, you could spend hours watching things like this. He discusses his work, his influences, his process. It is a great pleasure to get a glimpse into Avedon's mind. He was so very lucid when it came to his work, an uninhibited genius. It is well worth the ninety minutes of your time.

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Cool, thanks! Much better then anything on the tube right now anyway.

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I love this series. I watched it 2 times a while back and I continue to watch it when I need inspiration.

watched it, loved it, and ditto to getting inspired by it.

Absolutely adore his work. I found the interviews and hearing him speak so inspiring. He was so brilliant on so many different levels! Thanks so much!

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Thanks ....I have words to discribe how it makes me feel .

Amazing. I've seen some of iconic photographs without even knowing who he was. I'll definitely have to watch it again.  Coming up during the time he did must have been so exciting. I think both the positive and negative discussions that come about from a photographers body of work is all one can ask.  His images unleashed a firestorm of praise and criticism.

Thank you for sharing this. Does anyone know if the entire Masters of Photography series is available on DVD? I found 3 parts through Barnes & Noble but I'd like the entire series if possible.