[Video] Glow In The Dark Surfboards Make For Awesome Night Video

Hey guys, my name is Lauren and I'm the newest addition to the Fstoppers team. Having lived in Charleston for a while, I have many friends who are huge surfers. This campaign video is super creative and it has really sparked my imagination. Even if you're not the least bit interested in surfing, the use of these portable neon lights can be used for all sorts of photo projects. This glow-in-the-dark surf session was part of the cider company Strongbow’s “Welcome to Summer” campaign. After watching the first video, check out the second video below to see how they used Electroluminescent wire (EL Wire) to light up their suits and boards. Maybe this will spark some imagination for those of you who still need to create a video for our Behind the Scenes Contest.


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Thought someone was going to do a long exposure from the shore, that would have saweeeeet!

No... Like tron Bro!

Very cool.

Danny Cooke's picture

This is just awesome!

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Haha water version of Tron! :)
Welcome Lauren :) Nice first video!

If you only need small/standard lengths then it's SO much easier to buy pre-made lengths of EL wire! Lots of sellers on eBay.

Yeah, but how did they do it so it is water-ressistant... SAFELY? A DIY video of THAT would be sweet...

I agree. My first thought was "EL Wire is not waterproof last I looked." I would love to see how they wired it up, and kept the water from destroying their stuff.

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Found this doing a search online...."Very few electronics are waterproof and the same for EL Wire… well, sort of. The actual wire is actually water resistant and can withstand running it under water, or stand a degree of sweat. The ends of the wire however, have a certain amount of susceptibility to moisture, and water can damage the phosphor which makes the device light up. Luckily it is able to be wrapped inside a thick plastic coating, that helps protect it from the elements."