[Video] ‘Park Life’ A Doc On Climbing, Life, And Filmmaking

The filmmakers at Louder Than 11 shot this documentary in Yosemite Valley and have made it freely available for anyone. While most of this visually-rich film shows bouldering, it’s all about the stories of the climbers, including the filmmakers themselves, who talk about balancing their passions for climbing and filmmaking. This has arguably some of the best graphics and editing I’ve seen in a rock climbing video. Shot on an AF100.

There are some really interesting techniques being used throughout, including some still photos that I think have been photoshopped and then animated to create parallax and depth, right in the opening montage. A number of the interview shots show the simple setups being used to grab talking heads, with just using natural light (at least that I saw) If bouldering isn't your thing, jump to the 12:30 and 22:10 marks for some of the interview clips that focus more on pursing dreams of photography and filmmaking.

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Mike Wilkinson is an award-winning video director with his company Wilkinson Visual, currently based out of Lexington, Kentucky. Mike has been working in production for over 10 years as a shooter, editor, and producer. His passion lies in outdoor adventures, documentary filmmaking, photography, and locally-sourced food and beer.

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LOL lovin the comment about midnight lightning at the end

That was really inspiring. Great work for sure!!!