[Video] Quechua Brings The Animal Kingdom Together For A Commercial

These days it's not surprising to find out that most of what you see in a movie or commercial is completely green screened or created with CGI. So I was pleasantly shocked when I saw the behind the scenes video for the outdoor clothing company Quechua's latest advertisement. The slow motion footage of wild animals interacting with hikers and campers is nothing sort of amazing. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video as much as I did. Check out the behind the scenes video below and then watch the final video immediately below. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Behind The Scenes

Full Commercial

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Just gorgeous.

Beautifully done.


Amazing! The moments with that powerful bear was incredible. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at fstoppers. I'm thankful for this site.

Great, thanks a lot for sharing! :-)

WOW. just wow

what to say,perfect is not enough

Let's see THAT shot on an iPhone!!! :-)

Tim Woodard's picture

Very good post. Loved the videos. However these animals are not wild. There is no way you would let a grizzly bear lick you in the face unless it had been raised by humans as a cub....just saying.

Wow x2

Oooh, I didn't know this was shot in our beautiful country - Slovenia :) 

please give me a tame bear for christmas!