[Video] Vincent Laforet Calls Adobe CS6 "Awesome", Shows New Features

Vincent Laforet, the man who arguably started the DSLR-Video revolution, and most recently created the short film Mobius with the Canon C300, posted a quick video giving an overview of new features in the new Adobe CS6 Production Premium. Hover scrubbing (like in FCX), a customizable interface, and adjustment layers are now in Premiere Pro. After Effects got a bump with 32-bit support on CC Effects, also new is the inclusion Speedgrade, a professional color grading addition.

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bees knees 

Always been an Adobe Premiere faithful. This only confirms I was right to do so. I cant wait for this beast of a suite.

Wow this looks amazing! I mean CS5 was good but this just blows it out of the water, especially with adjustment layers and warp stabilizer built-in. No more roundtripping clips to After Effects! Seems very well tailored to the DSLR video arena with smaller individual clips.

There's no doubt, Adobe are making a wonderful job on his suit and smoking the rivals, but one think I notice is that they always follow Apple on the color theme of the user interface. Now Adobe Premier has blue buttons two. :) 

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Where can I pre-order it... Apple should be learning something From Adobe! just like to point that out!

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Enough with the teasing...I need a release date!

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Wow this looks incredible. Can not wait to start using CS6!